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Amendments to the Criminal Code set out in Bill C-45 (Health & Safety Negligence) came into effect March 31, 2004. These amendments mean dramatic new duties, new risks of investigation and prosecution and the possibility of workplace-based criminal liability for corporate organizations as well as individuals.

In short, any employer could be held criminally liable for not providing and employee a safe work environment.  Poor indoor air quality or environmental pollution which causes harm to an employee can result in civil as well as criminal prosecution under Bill C-45.

Not providing, ensuring and investigating the status of indoor air quality in a workplace can result in criminal charges against the directors of a corporation, organization as well as sole proprietors and individuals.

Not investigating air quality complaints by
employees are now considered 'negligence'
and will expose the employer to be liable.

Reduce your personal and corporate liability by having regular indoor air quality testing performed in your work environment.  Regularly investigating and managing the indoor environment will reduce the possibility of being found negligent and thereby reduce your liability.
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